Back button in my browser does not work. Why?

In order to enhance the security of resending pages with confidential information, the back button is not enabled for any browser at this time. If you are in the ordering process, you can safely exit it if you need to change the order. First click on any tab on the web page or use the Search button, as this will bring you safely out of the order process. Find more product to purchase, or re-enter the order process by clicking on the shopping cart, . When you re-enter the Shopping Cart page, you can change the quantity of products or delete products.

You may also use the breadcrumb trail that is shown at the top of the page to allow you to return to your previous spot in the search.

Pressing Enter key brings the program to an unexpected web page. What happened?

Because there are no shortcuts on these web pages, keyboard navigation will not work. The user must instead use the mouse to click on buttons and links to navigate the site. For example, when changing a value in any text box, follow this action by clicking on the corresponding button to make the change.

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