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Multiple vintages and sizes of this iconic Bordeaux blend – the revolutionary wine that forever changed Chile’s viticultural landscape.

This groundbreaking wine has been an exemplar of finesse, freshness, purity and cellarability and a must-have for all collectors since its first vintage in 1995.

Order today! Offer closes November 5th, 2020.

Seña: Chile’s Masterpiece – Shipping Now
Product NameLCBO#RegionScoremL$/btl.Qty. Avail.Qty
Seña 2011 0016844 Aconcagua Valley95 (JS)1500$503.000
Seña 2011 0016838 Aconcagua Valley95 (JS)750$243.0060
Seña 2012 0016845 Aconcagua Valley98 (JS)1500$503.000
Seña 2012 0016839 Aconcagua Valley98 (JS)750$243.0050
Seña 2013 0016841 Aconcagua Valley99 (JS)750$275.0038
Seña 2016 0016848 Aconcagua Valley98 (JS)6000$2,193.000
Seña 2016 0016847 Aconcagua Valley98 (JS)3000$1,135.000
Seña 2016 0016846 Aconcagua Valley98 (JS)1500$550.000
Seña 2016 0016842 Aconcagua Valley98 (JS)750$258.0044
Seña 2017 0016851 Aconcagua Valley99 (JS)3000$1,090.000
Seña 2017 0016852 Aconcagua Valley99 (JS)6000$2,103.000
Seña 2017 0016843 Aconcagua Valley99 (JS)750$245.000
Seña 2017 0016850 Aconcagua Valley99 (JS)1500$520.000

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